Pressure Washing Services

Refreshing the outside of your house will instantly enhance its appearance, restore its visual appeal, and enhance its overall curb appeal. When looking to sell or rent your property, its exterior is the first impression potential buyers and renters receive. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your building looks its best. The accumulation of dust, dirt, and cobwebs over time can detract from the overall appearance of your home.

10 X Pressure Washing has the experience and equipment necessary to thoroughly clean your home’s exterior, removing all dirt, grime, and cobwebs. They will also be able to address any specific cleaning needs you may have, such as removing graffiti, cleaning gutters, or washing windows.

Avoid the risk of damage from pressure washing on aging or delicate surfaces by opting for our soft wash technique. Our team will remove built-up dirt and grime to restore your exterior to its original splendour, all without harsh chemicals.  To achieve this, we use the latest in soft washing techniques have our  own environment friendly, 24v battery powered soft wash machines with biodegradable solutions to remove and kill Algae, Mould, Moss, Lichen and remove all dirt, grime and cobwebs. No matter the type of exterior material you have whether it’s Weatherboard, Vinyl, Brick, Stucco, or Wood, we’ve got you covered. 

Hiring a professional not only improves the appearance of your home, but it also increases its value. A clean and well-maintained property is more appealing to potential buyers or renters and higher rental or sales prices can often result. Don’t let a dirty exterior detract from the overall appeal of your property. Contact 10 X Pressure Washing today to schedule a consultation and see the difference a thorough cleaning can make. Invest in a clean home and increase your property’s value and appeal.

Investing in professional window cleaning services is worthwhile to maintain the appearance and value of your windows, not only from environmental exposure from the ocean, but also other day to day exposure from cobwebs, bird droppings, and fingerprint smudges. Clean windows can also enhance natural light and improve indoor air quality. Dirty windows can harbor allergens, leading to skin irritation, respiratory problems, and other allergy-related issues.

10 X Pressure Washing offers flexible window cleaning services that can be customised to fit your needs and budget. Our goal is to get your home looking sparkling clean as soon as possible with minimal disruption to your daily life and schedule.

Transform your property’s appearance with our professional window cleaning service. Our meticulous approach ensures every speck of dirt, smudge, and blemish is removed. You’ll be amazed at the impact it has on the brightness, freshness, and cleanliness of your property, with clearer and more stunning views through your windows. Contact us today to enhance the quality of your windows with our professional cleaning service.

Driveway cleaning is an affordable solution to enhance the appearance of your home and increase curb appeal, without the cost of extensive re-paving or re-concreting. A newly sealed driveway can greatly improve the look of your property at a fraction of the cost of full renovations. Let 10 X Pressure Washing revive your driveway through our pressure washing and restoration services.

A dirty driveway or paved area can not only decrease its visual appeal but also pose a hazard for slips and falls, making them a potential liability for both homes and businesses. It is crucial to keep these surfaces clean and clear of dirt, tire marks, oil, mould, and moss to maintain a safe and attractive entrance. At 10 X Pressure washing, we use high pressure surface cleaners with Biodegradable solutions in order to restore your driveway. We also have a range of products that can remove rust, bore water stains, and degreasers giving you a worry-free and sparkling clean driveway

If not done regularly, driveway maintenance can be a painful and time-consuming process. Let our team at 10 X Pressure Washing simplify the process for you, contact us today for a consultation.

You might be surprised to learn that proper cleaning of concrete is crucial for its longevity and durability. Over time, the build up of algae, oil, mold, dirt, and liquids can cause damage to concrete and pose a risk of injury. However, regular cleaning and maintenance can eliminate these harmful substances and help to maintain a cleaner surface that will last for a longer period. 

Maximize the life of your concrete surfaces and keep it looking its best by taking advantage of our concrete cleaning services. Our expert cleaners will remove dirt, grime, mold, and other harmful substances, leaving your concrete looking like new. Sealing your concrete after cleaning can also help prevent future build-up and extend its lifespan. 

We understand that each concrete area is unique, and every client has different requirements. That’s why we provide prompt and efficient service, tailored to your specific needs. The team at 10 X Pressure Washing will visit your property, assess the concrete surface, and create a customized plan that fits with your schedule. 

Graffiti is a widespread issue that affects many commercial and residential properties. Graffiti that is not addressed promptly can cause lasting damage to a building. The longer it remains, the deeper the paint can penetrate the structure, making it more challenging to remove. Additionally, attempting to remove graffiti after a long period of time may result in discoloration and may require multiple washes, which can be both time-consuming and costly. It is essential to address graffiti as soon as it appears to minimize damage and costs.

At 10 X Pressure Washing, our Graffiti removal involves a unique process of chemical products to remove graffiti in all surfaces including Street Signs, Cemeteries, Shop Fronts, Side Paths, Fences. Graffiti not only mars the appearance of your property, but it can also erode the reputation of your business and lowers the sense of security for your employees, this is why we offer a 24 hr service for urgent Graffiti Removal. Contact the team at 10 X Pressure Washing for quality and prompt Graffiti Removal today.

Car parks are an essential component of many businesses, as they are often the first impression visitors get of a commercial property. Despite this, many people tend to overlook the importance of car park maintenance. However, the frequent foot and vehicle traffic can cause a lot of dirt build up leading to potential long term damage, premature surface degradation and the formation of potholes, making car park cleaning crucial. Get in touch with 10 X Pressure Washing to keep your car park in top shape, providing a safe and hygienic environment for all visitors.

Roof Cleaning Package

Our Roof Cleaning package is priced from $899. 

  • Pre-treatment of your roof  
  • Our Soft wash treatment eliminates the need for physically getting on your roof. 
  • Post Treatment of your roof  
  • Final Rinse down of your roof


We utilise biodegradable and safe solutions to wash your surfaces, eliminating algae, mould, lichen, and grime and restoring them to their original condition.  

The quoted price above for this Package is based on a single-story roof area of 200 square meters. For larger roof areas and/or higher stories, please contact us via phone or email to receive a customised quote. 

Exterior House and Driveway Package

Our Exterior house wash and Driveway clean package is priced from $1,199. Receive 30% off driveway sealing when booking this package. 

Package includes:  

  • Pre-treatment of external house surface 
  • Soft washing of exterior house surface 
  • Final rinse of the exterior of your house 
  • Pre-Treatment of your driveway 
  • Pressure washing your driveway 
  • Post-treatment of your driveway  
  • Final Rinse down your driveway 
  • Kerb side cleaning is also included 
  • We utilise biodegradable and safe solutions to wash your surfaces, eliminating algae, mould, lichen, and grime and restoring them to their original condition.  


The above quoted price is based on a single-story 3-bedroom house with a roof size of 200 square meters, as well as a driveway size of 200 square meters. Please contact us via phone or email to receive a quote on our package for large residences. 

Premium Home Care

Our Premium Home Care package is priced from $1,899 including GST. 

This is a Complete home care package, with the following services included: 

  • Roof and Gutter washing 
  • Solar Panel Cleaning: ensuring your panels receive maximum energy from the sun. 
  • Exterior house wash 
  • Window cleaning  
  • Driveways, Footpaths, Patios, and Kerbside gutters 
  • Colorbond Fence Cleaning


We utilize biodegradable and safe solutions to wash your surfaces, eliminating algae, mould, lichen, and grime and restoring them to their original condition.  

Our cleaning process involves removing furniture and items, tape masking, pre-treatment, soft washing, pressure washing, post-treatment, air blowing, rinsing down plants, and returning furniture to its original location. 

The price quoted includes GST. This service is exclusive to our premium package and not available with other packages. Please note that we do not remove window screens, and window cleaning is done from the exterior only. Please also note in-house cleaning is not part of this service. Our package is limited to residential customers only. For homes with a roof size exceeding one story and/or 200 square meters, and a driveway size of 200 meters, additional costs will be included for hiring EWPs and/or scaffolding. The price will be provided upon application and quoted according to the property size. The package’s base price of $1,599 is based on a three-bedroom single-story home with a driveway size of 200 square meters. To get a customized package price, please contact us via phone or email, and we will assess the size of your property. 

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